Duterte: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


When you’re able to say he is wrong, then you’re not caught up in his politics.

When you’re not able to see the good in him, then you’re caught up in your own politics.

Duterte is the closest one can get to experience death, he makes you confront and challenge your beliefs and values.

He makes you question if there is a God, your views on capital punishment, on crime, on history, on foreign policy, on US, on China, on hero worship, on women, on gay slur, on Hitler, on Marcos, on human rights, on political correctness, and on everything you would think of when confronted with death or if you happen to be a critical thinker.

His words don’t have to be your own, nor his beliefs and values.

Maybe he is confronting all these questions himself. As to where I stand, I know there is a God, but respects those who believe there is no God.

I believe words matter. I am not fan of using gay slur to hurt, rape jokes, slut shaming, making fun of people with disability, hero worship and blind faith.

i don’t believe in capital punishment, but understand why most people do. I don’t believe in human rights as being absolute. I don’t believe in too much political correctness as it stifle conversations so as to not offend anyone.

I don’t have to be a Martial Law victim to empathize with those who were.

When was the last time you thought about the horrors of the holocaust, of the suffering of the Jews and of Hitler, yesterday most of us did. No excuses here, he was wrong.

My thoughts of Hitler have not changed, he is evil personified, the holocaust will make you question where was God during those years, as many are questioning where is God in Aleppo.

You don’t have to be a Jew to know why his statements can offend a lot of people.

To end, if wearing a black shirt while watching a basketball game and cheering for that cute basketball player is the only political statement you are ready to commit, I hope in time that will change because I think you are being lazy, “makibaka, wag matakot” in an air-conditioned coliseum is so being what you have become a “desenteng sosyal”.

To give up on Duterte this early is wrong, to wish him death is wrong, to plot for his removal from office is wrong but don’t be a blind follower or see no wrong in Duterte, because that is so wrong.



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