Playing by the Rules — NewNew the New Social Media App

NewNew — The “Control My Life” app: With as little as $5, you decide what people should do next, then watch them do it.

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What if there is an app that can help you decide what to do with your life? Will you go and download that app? Look no further, meet NewNew.

The app that lets you pay to control another person’s life. — BBC

How far does one allow other people to have a say in one’s life? NewNew believes there are enough people who would pay to control another person’s life.

We all go through decision paralysis in our lives. We ask family, friends, and sometimes consequential strangers.

I noticed it has been more pronounced in the last few months as we navigate through what appears to be our new normal. I can’t sometimes decide what to do during the day or night.

Is NewNew what we need right now and gamify our lives?

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In the BBC article, Wattpad author Brandon Wong, famous for his Playing by the Rules book, can’t decide what to eat for dinner.

He asked his NewNew followers what to get for dinner? And most days, I feel the same, should I go for Chinese or Korean, and those who paid $5 were able to “help” or “convince” Brandon Wong to go Korean that night. And he did end up having a Korean dinner.

Courtne Smith is a daughter of a Pastor. The founder of NewNew, for all indications and buzz, is a stealth startup. She comes from a very traditional upbringing. She worked for Drake, the rapper who grew up in Canada like her.

I applaud Courtne Smith for being a woman techpreneur, and she has attracted big names to help NewNew become a cross between TikTok and Facebook.

Onboard is actor Will Smith, unrelated to Courtne Smith, Peter Thiel, the billionaire co-founder of PayPal and the first outside person to put money into Facebook.

Others with a stake in the business include leading US tech investment fund Andreessen Horowitz and Snapchat has also given technical support.

What does NewNew do?

It wants creators to interact with their fans, ask them questions and get them involved in your life for a fee.

Historically, as a people, we want to belong to a tribe. That is why we have fandoms today.

We want to take risks, we want to gamble, and we want to be right.

We would risk our personal stake on people. It is why we have our favorite sports team, we also want to bet on the team we like, or in the case of American Idol, have a say who takes the title, and lastly, we want to be right because it feels good to be right when we “predicted’ what happens next especially if it isn’t about us.

“NewNew provides a two-way beneficial split,” says Ms Smith. “Five dollars is a small amount of money to pay to have fun and get a reward.

The concept of NewNew is not new. We have the Cameo app and OnlyFans. For an x amount, people can make people do anything.

On Cameo, one actor made $1 million, not a measly sum by any standards. And on OnlyFans, actors easily earn more for doing almost nothing.

Like gladiator fights in the Colosseum, we would always want to see who wins, and we throw money at people and ask them to do things we ourselves are not willing to do.

We are in the creator economy.

We live in a time that it is great to be a creator. We get paid for what people are willing to pay or for creators to set a minimum as to what they are willing to produce for their fans, for their tribe.

Apps like NewNew can lead to abuse, as we have seen on other social media platforms, but as long there are voyeurs, and people have the money to be entertained, we would see more apps NewNew.

Will NewNew fly like TikTok? Only time will, but I feel that it will, and I am willing to bet my $5.

I am my Mom’s true copy. I write fast, I write well.

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